June 1, 2024
All times are in Eastern Time Zone.

Section 1
Moderator: Rishi P. Singh, MD

8:00 AM   Self-supervision for domain adaptive federated learning in AMD
Minhaj Nur Alam
8:08 AM   Deep learning approaches for assessment of AMD biomarkers
Srinivas Sadda
8:16 AM    Gen AI in ophthalmology
Daniel Ting
8:24 AM Artificial intelligence analysis of baseline fundus photos to predict effects of aflibercept treatment on best-corrected visual acuity
Jun Kong
8:32 AM   Panel Discussion: All Section 1 Faculty

Section 2
Moderator: Rishi P. Singh, MD

8:47 AM   AI-supported treatment in nAMD: Retinal fluid correlation with photoreceptor condition and visual function
Sophie Frank
8:55 AM   Prediction of visual acuity response to ranibizumab in age-related macular degeneration using artificial ntelligence-Based analysis of fluorescein Angiography
Rajeev Muni
9:03 AM   Real-world deployment of GA screening model in clinical trials
Amitha Domalpally
9:11 AM    Unleashing the power of ophthalmic imaging with AI in AMD and Glaucoma
Eleonora Lad
9:19 AM    Assessment of ellipsoid integrity in retinal diseases: From biomarkers characterization to approvable endpoint
Justis Ehlers
9:27 AM   Adaptable GA segmentation using deep learning approach for different image modalities and scan patterns
Qinqin Zhang
9:35 AM   Panel Discussion: All Section 2 Faculty

9:50 AM   Break Sponsor Presentation

Section 3
Moderator: Jennifer I. Lim, MD

9:57 AM    Paving the path to global ophthalmic AI innovation
Malvina Edelman
10:05 AM   Clinic-ready OCT: Bridging the gap in GA segmentation for precision management
Simrat Soda
10:13 AM    Identification of anatomical risk factors for nascent geographic atrophy onset using artificial intelligence
Javier Zarranz-Ventura
10:21 AM    Geographic atrophy enlargement using manual, semi-automated, and deep learning approaches
Robert Slater
10:29AM   Deep learning for hypertension risk prediction from retinal images
Michael McConnell
10:37 AM  Improving pediatric retinal disease AI screening tools constrained by limited data using synthetic generation of optos photos
Lejla Vajzovic
10:45 AM   Collaborative Communities on Ocular Imaging (CCOI): AMD
Jennifer Lim
10:53 AM   Panel Discussion: All Section 3 Faculty

Section 4
Moderator: Jennifer I. Lim, MD

11:08 AM   Artificial Intelligence in clinical practice: Considerations for implementation
R.V. Paul Chan
11:16 AM   Reinventing clinical trials with privacy protecting AI
Pearse Keane
11:24 AM   Multi-institutional validation of a deep learning algorithm for the prediction of plaquenil retinopathy
Eliot Dow
11:32 AM Towards Solving the Out of Distribution Problem in Ophthalmology
Darvin Yi

11:40 AM   Panel Discussion: All Section 4 Faculty

11:55 AM   Break and Sponsor Presentations

Section 5
Moderator: Theodore Leng, MD

12:00 PM   Curation of a real world dataset to support AI development
Mary Durbin
12:08 PM   The march towards standardization in retinal imaging
Aaron Lee
12:16 PM   Autonomous ROP screening
J. Peter Campbell
12:24 PM    Harnessing AI to prevent ROP blindness: A prospective real-world study
Divya Parthasarathy Rao
12:32 PM    Faricimab for highly resistant CNV in wet age-related macular degeneration- 7 months observations using artificial intelligence
William R. Freeman
12:40 PM   Deep Learning Classification of Uveal Melanoma and Choroidal Nevus
Xincheng Yao
12:48 PM   Panel Discussion: All Section 5 Faculty

Section 6
Moderator: Theodore Leng, MD

1:03 PM   Identification of objective performance indicators among rrainees in ophthalmic microsurgery via a deep-learning approach – Can we quantify progress in surgical learning?
Yannek Leiderman
1:11 PM    Automated convolutional neural network-based quality assessment of optical coherence tomography and optical coherence tomography angiography images for neurodegenerative disease detection
Meredith Cox
1:19 PM    A convolutional neural Network to identify parkinson’s disease using multimodal retinal images
Alexander Richardson
1:27 PM    Realistic generated images using latent diffusion models to improve retinal disease classification using deep convolutional neural networks
Jovi Wong
1:35 PM   Clinician autonomy and AI decision-making: Ethical perspectives in ophthalmic practice
Fatma Shakarchi
1:43 PM   Panel Discussion: All Section 6 Faculty

1:58 PM Conclusion

*Agenda and faculty are subject to change.