May 6, 2023
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Section 1
Moderator: Rishi P. Singh, MD

8:00 AM             Automated fluid monitoring for optimized real-world management of nAMD
                             Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, MD
8:08 AM            AI accelerating nAMD Immuno-genetic phenotyping
                             Elliott Harry Sohn
8:16 AM             Microperimetry data from OAKS/DERB
                             Nadia Waheed, MD
8:24 AM            AI-Based spatiotemporal observations of retinal fluid dynamics
                            Anat Loewenstein, MD
8:32 AM           Panel Discussion: All Section 1 Faculty

Section 2
Moderator: Rishi P. Singh, MD

8:47 AM             Artificial intelligence-based predictions in nAMD
                             Aaron Lee, MD
8:55 AM            Prediction models for Progression of GA
                            Amitha Domalpally, MD, PhD
9:03 AM            Predicting GA Growth rate with clinical and derived imaging features
                            Daniela Ferrara, MD, PhD, FASRS
9:11 AM             Deep learning to predict future region of growth of GA from fundus autofluorescence images
                            Neha Anegondi
9:19 AM            Instance segmentation of reticular pseudodrusen in AMD with deep learning
                             Zhichao Wu
9:27 AM            Panel Discussion: All Section 2 Faculty

9:42 AM Break

Section 3
Moderator: Theodore Leng, MD

9:47 AM            Foundation models in retinal imaging
                            Pearse Keane, MD
9:55 AM           Robust real-world clinical AI validation: A call to action and a proposed solution
                           Edward Korot, MD
10:03 AM         A federated learning framework for training multi-class OCT classification models
                           Minhaj Alam
10:11 AM          Potential Impact of AI Chatbots: For Editors, Authors, and Readers of Peer-Reviewed Ophthalmic Literature
                           Neil Bressler, MD
10:19 AM          AI-based denoising
                           Netan Choudhry, MD
10:27 AM         Panel Discussion: All Section 3 Faculty

Section 4
Moderator: Theodore Leng, MD

10:42 AM          AI-human hybrid teleophthalmology for DR screening
                            Eliot Dow
10:50 AM          Leveraging simple AI algorithms to augment DR screening
                            Yasha Modi, MD
11:58 AM           Early detection of DR using deep learning techniques
                            Vidya Sagvekar, MD
11:06 AM           Diagnostic performance of an automated, offline AI system integrated on a smartphone fundus camera for screening AMD
                            Divya Parthasarathy Rao, MD
11:14 AM           Evaluation of pediatric wide-field fundus photos using AI
                            Lejla Vajzovic, MD

11:22 AM           Scoring in ROP and Pediatric Retinopathies to Guide AI for Intervention and Monitoring
                            Darius M. Moshfeghi, MD

11:30 AM          Panel Discussion: All Section 4 Faculty

11:45 PM Break

Section 5
Moderator: Jennifer I. Lim, MD

11:50 AM            Application of AI for the conduction of large scale systematic reviews and meta-analyses
                             Abed Baiad, BSc, MD(c)
11:58 AM            Randomized controlled trials of AI Applications in Ophthalmology
                             Jonathan Zhao, MS
12:06 PM            Biomarkers of RVO using a deep learning strategy applied to images obtained by OCT angiography
                             Laura Gallego
12:14 PM            DR screening using AI
                             Zineb Farahat
12:22 PM           Retinal sheen impact on AI readings in type I DR
                             Rita Vought
12:30 PM           Data fusion in deep learning OCTA segmentation and classification
                             Xincheng Yao, PhD
12:38 PM           Panel Discussion: All Section 5 Faculty

Section 6
Moderator: Jennifer I. Lim, MD

12:53 PM              Automated identification of GA secondary to AMD using deep learning and multi-modal real-world ophthalmic images in the IRIS registry
                            Zhongdi Chu, PhD, MSc
1:01 PM             A quantitative and topographical type-based comparative analysis of exudative biomarkers in nAMD using AI
                           Bilal Haj Najeeb, MD, PHD
1:09 PM            Development and validation of a deep learning fluid monitoring tool using OCT in clinical workflows
                           AriadneWhitby, PhD
1:17 PM            The value of AI-based reading in prospective and retrospective clinical studies in nAMD and GA
                           Cornelia Kutzer
1:25 PM            AI-based automated segmentation of ellipsoid zone at risk for predicting GA lesions on spectral domain OCT
                           Gagan Kalra, MD
1:33 PM             Predicting 5-Year progression to vision-threatening complications using machine learning
                          Dimitrios Damopoulos, PhD
1:41 PM            Feature tracking and image segmentation in real-time via deep learning in vitreoretinal surgery: A framework for AI-mediated surgical guidance and assessment
                         Yannek I. Leiderman, MD
1:49 PM          Panel Discussion: All Section 6 Faculty

2:04 PM Conclusion

*Agenda and faculty are subject to change.